How to crochet magic ring


The magic ring used when crocheting in rounds, it good for round doily, basket, or amigurumi.

The advantage of using magic ring is that there is no hole in center.

This is how I crochet magic ring.

I use method that wrap yarn around finger twice, it’s complicated, but when it’s done, never loosen.



Begin by wrapping the yarn twice around your fingers, like shown.



Put your crochet hook through the center of 2loops, yarn over, pull yarn through the center of 2loops, then yarn over again and pull yarn through the loop on hook.

It should be look like the photo below.



Crochet stitches that pattern tells you.(in this case, ch3 and 11 double crochet)



Pull the end of yarn slowly.

Do not pull at once.



When you pull the end of yarn, you will see the one of 2 loops in center shrinks.

Then, pull the loops that shrinked until close the center.



Then, pull the end of yarn.



When you done, It should look like the photo below.

Crocheting slip stitch in beginning stitch end the round1.